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Need To Postpone Your Wedding? Here's Our Advice...

Updated: May 23, 2020

Thinking about having to postpone your wedding in light of Covid-19? Your not alone. We have seen all of our Spring and some of our Summer couples having to postpone their day. We really emphasise with our couples and anyone else having to make this hard decision....it's rubbish. It really is.

Let's be honest ladies, most of us have been dreaming about this day since we were old enough to fashion a 'veil' out of a tea towel and summon one of our poor siblings to be the 'groom'. So to have your day taken away from you is a hard pill to swallow. Keep in mind that you are doing this, not only as you have to, but because you want and need to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

So here are our top tips on postponing your wedding without crumbling into a sobbing mess on the kitchen floor, and if that's already happened then grab the wine and have a read...

Contact your suppliers

Before confirming a new date with your venue get in touch with all your suppliers to make sure they are free for your new date. They should be understanding to your decision and will offer advice on how best to move forward. Be sure to contact them early, as with a lot of couples postponing to dates later in the year and into 2021, they will be in demand, especially the summer months.

Postpone don't cancel

We really encourage couples to not cancel their wedding. Talk to your venue first and look at postponing and what options you have. Your suppliers still want your business. You should find they will be happy to move to your new date if they are free. If you cancel you will most likely lose your deposit and in some cases you may need pay for other costs incurred by your supplier (check your T&C for each supplier). Remember that once this over we will need to celebrate, and your wedding is the perfect occasion for this.

Be flexible

When working with your venue and suppliers to find a new date, try and be as flexible as you can. Your original date may have landed on a Saturday, securing another Saturday later in the year may not be possible. Think about postponing to a weekday or an off-peak day and it's more likely your suppliers will be free. And yes, your guest will still attend!

Chat to other couples having to postpone.

There are many forums out their where you can connect with others, for advice and to help each other out. Our favourite is Rock My Weddings new forum especially for Covid-19, with advice and information.

Check your wedding insurance

If you took out wedding insurance, check in with them to see what aspects are covered. Unfortunately we have heard that a lot of insurers aren't covering this event but it's always best to know where you stand, If you feel you be are treating unfairly in any event ask a solicitor for advice.

Get in touch with your guests

You will want to hold off sending out new save the dates until you have confirmed a new day but you may want to get in touch with your guests to let them know your plans. If you have a wedding website, post updates here or send out a simple email explaining that you will be postponing your wedding. If you have a wedding planner, they should have done this for you already

Allow yourself to feel upset

You may feel with everything going on in the world at the moment, that you can't feel upset or grieve for your wedding day, but allow yourself too. Talk to your partner, friends and family members who will understand how important this day was to you both and how much time and effort you have already put in. Just keep in mind that your day will come and that you and your partner are still in love and want to get married.

Celebrate on your would-be wedding date anyway!

The date will always hold significance to you both so why not dress up, cook your favourite meal or share some fizz together to celebrate the day. Getting all your friends and family together via a Zoom chat is a great way of feeling connected and why not ask them to dress up too and really celebrate with you both.


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