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Wedding Flowers

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Looking for beautiful, natural flowers?

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Luxury wedding flowers

Getting married is a once in a lifetime experience

We believe in creating a process to choosing wedding flowers that is fun and simple.

Flowers to reflect the season, the venue and most importantly, you the couple.

How it works

Once you get in touch with us we will start the ball rolling by sending over a wedding questionnaire. Here you can tell us your ideas and details for your wedding flowers.

You can get in touch as often as you need before your wedding. We will have a final consultation 6 weeks prior to the day, where we will finalise all designs and logisitcs and any changes that may be needed.

After a consultation in person or over the phone, we pull together all the ideas from the questionnaire and send you a proposal and design board that best suits your venue, style and budget

Relax and enjoy your day!

We will be delivering your bouquets and setting up any designs on site.


"Thank you to the very talented Floren Studio for my beautiful bouquet and making my garbled babblings the gorgeous reality that it was!"

Alix and Mark 


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